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In Yoruba mythology, Oyá (Alternative spellings: Oiã, Iansã, Iansan), is the Undergoddess of the Niger River. Oya has been syncretized in Santeria with the Catholic images of the Virgin of Candelaria. Read More

Santeria Church of the Orishas
Oyá (also Ollã Yansa or Yansãn) is a fierce and powerful female warrior orisha in Santeria. She is the owner of the marketplace, and keeps the gates of the cemetery. She is the force of change in nature and in life. She wields lightning and rides the winds into battle, often fighting with her machetes side-by-side with her favorite lover, Changó. Oyá raises the armies of the dead as her soldiers and is said to use the tornado as her weapon. Oyá?s achá is fierce, tumultuous, changing and protective. Read More
Prayer to Oyá

Mi Mafarefun Mojuba Yeye Oyá
(Repeat nine times)

Mi pele iku tie ewe ibae baye torun ase

Alagba mojuba iya ase

Oya mi iya mododcue gidigidi ase

Mo fe yeye Oyá
(Repeat nine times)

Tie omo ago asheogun ota osogbo mo modocue ashe

Mo fe mi iya Oyá oni afefe ase
Mo fe mi iya Oyá oni egun ase

Ire yeye Oyá
Tie omo modocue gidigidi

 Offering to Oyá
 Offering to Oyá
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 Oya Eleke
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